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PEI Women's Institute and Quilting From: Quilting - by A.-L. Beaumont and E.Zakem From its start in 1911, the Women's Institute (WI) in PEI has involved itself in worthwhile projects that are literally too numerous to mention here. Their Dreams, Never Ending by Laura Pottie relates the accomplishments of the Island's WI. Quilts were made to donate to fire and flood victims, to orphanages, to the Prince Country Hospital (including baby quilts), to the needy, to Community Hospital, to a local family adopted through the Salvation Army program, to the Unitarian Service, and in one community, to all brides. During the First World War, the Ray of Hope (Murray River) branch made two quilts -- one for France in 1916 and one for a Canadian hospital in England in 1917. As previously mentioned, the Second World War produced a massive quilting effort by the WI with 9,260 quilts donated to the Red Cross, for soldiers and refugees and air-raid victims.

Quilted banner of the PEI Women's Institute Photo by /
Photo par Ann-Louise Beaumont Courtesy of the PEI Women's Institute



The WI is justly famous for sponsoring the Handcrafts and Arts Division of the Provincial Exhibition held in Charlottetown, PEI. "Some of the best quilts to be found anywhere" are exhibited in this friendly competition. In summary, the WI is seen as the force which gave validation to women and their expression of the various art forms. By its quilting, the WI continues its charitable mission and raised countless dollars for valuable community projects.
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