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Welcome to the PEI Women's Institute 


Since 1911: The first branch on PEI was established in York in 1911, the Prince Edward Island Women's Institute (PEIWI) has been creating positive change in our Island communities. Now, with over 70 branches and with over slightly over 1,000 members, members of the PEIWI focus on home, family, and culture through collaboration, education and sharing.

Our Mission: PEI Women's Institute enrich, educate and revitalize women, families, and communities through actions taken by informed and inspired women.

Your Invitation: We invite you to learn more about the PEIWI and find out for yourself how you can make a difference. Call 902-368-4860 or email today!

To learn more about the rich history of the Women's Institute, please visit our History Page.

If we could summarize the PEIWI into a single sentence, it would be "Women being the voice, taking action, and creating change in PEI communities". However, there are other core principles for the PEIWI which all our members represent.

  • We focus on women, family & home

  • We believe in a culture of collaboration & sharing

  • We always strive to protect the environment

  • We believe that through education, leadership and goodwill, we can build stronger communities.

We are also extremely proud of our Awards and Scholarships, which has helped many creative and talented Islanders throughout the years.

The PEI Women's Institute is also affiliated with the Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW); a group of over 9 million women in over 70 countries. The ACWW is the largest women's organization in the world, the PEIWI is dedicated to helping promote and support their efforts.

Most importantly, the PEIWI is a fun way to give back to your Island communities, to meet new friends, and to truly make a difference.  

Other Benefits of Being a Member of the PEIWI!

  • Networking: You will belong to a group of women from across the country

  • You will belong to a global network of women around the world.

  • You will have an opportunity to share your input on issues at the community, district, and provincial level.

  • You will develop leadership and personal skills to further your professional career.

  • You will get to know and build relationships with other women.

  • You will have the opportunity to participate in workshops, plus local area and provincial conventions.

  • We offer a number of scholarship, awards and bursaries.


In 2018, during Founder's Day Celebrations on February 13, The Honourable Elizabeth Hubley awarded medals to twelve recipients of the PEI Women's Institute commemorating the 150th seating of the Senate. These members represented the entire WI membership across Prince Edward Island for their "enthusiasm, commitment and sheer hard work for making a real difference in the day-to-day lives of Islanders across the Province".   Recipients included: Helen Nicholson, Joan Dawson, Betty Millar, Reta MacDonald, Iva Mutch, Margie Stewart, Marie Kenny, Carol MacLellan, Doreen Cole, Cynthia Mitchell, Jacquie Laird and Doreen Wall.

The current and Past Board Presidents of PEIWI were also honoured with Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals.  On May 28, 2012 at Government House, a presentation of the commemorative medal created to mark the 2012 celebrations of the 60th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s accession to the Throne as Queen of Canada was presented. The Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal is a tangible way for Canada to honour Her Majesty for her service to this country. At the same time, it serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians.  

The awarding of these medals were especially notable as Her Majesty The Queen has given her patronage to many Canadian organizations including Federated Women's Institute of Canada.  PEI being the second largest member of FWIC in Canada is honoured to have the connection to the Royal Monarchy and to be awarded the monumental medals.

Congratulations to the Boards and Branches serving with those Provincial Presidents throughout the history of PEIWI. 

Prince Edward Island's first Women's Institute branch was organized in 1911 in York. In 1913, Marshfield become that first brand to be organized in partnership with the Department of Agriculture. Since then, the PEIWI has worked very hard to be the voice, taking action, and creating change in PEI communities.


Some of our main accomplishments we're proud to have been a part of include:

1924: Forerunner of existing Provincial Handcraft & Arts Exhibition
1930: Opening of Provincial Sanatorium
1945: First Provincial Music Festival initiated by Women's Institute
1946: First Provincial Drama Festival initiated by Women's Institute
1947: PEIWI first in Canada to have radio program
1973: First Provincial Annual Roadside Clean-up
1979: "Make Mine Milk" program organized in provincial schools.
1989: Over $25,000 raised for Cat Scan Fund at Queen Elizabeth Hospital
1998: Spearheaded Drive for Stereotactic Mammography Machine in QEH
1998: Raised over $260,000 for Stereotactic Mammography machine QEH
2000: Spearheaded Drive for Video Scope System for Prince County Hospital
2001: First ever WI Legacy Bike Tour raising over $56,000 for a Video Scope for PCH
2002: Second WI Legacy Bike Tour raising over $56,000 for a Video Scope, PCH
2003: Completed Video Scope Project
2001-2015: "Spring is In the Air" Gala Dinner, all proceeds to Island Hospitals.
2016: "Spring is In the Air" Gala Dinner proceeds went to the Prince Edward Island Ground Search and Rescue.
2017: "Spring is In the Air Gala" Dinner raised over $8,000 for both the Western Community Hospital and the Alberton Hospital.
2018: Over $14,000 was raised in the "Spring is the Air" Gala Dinner for Prince County Hospital.
2019: In excess of $8,500 was raised for Lennon Recovery House

2020: Donated in excess of $80,000 in non-medical masks during COVID-19

2021: Over $8,000 was raised through Festive Country christmas Gala Dinner for hospitals in Souris and Montague. 

2022: Over 750 mitts were knit for children in need across PEI. 

*When combined, over $500,000 have been contributed to medical endeavours.

PEIWI: Empower Today for Tomorrow's Success

Our Mission

PEI Women's Institute enrich, educate and revitalize women, families, and communities through actions taken by informed and inspired women.

Our Mission

Our Theme

Empower Today For Tomorrow's Success

Join a Branch Today!

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