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Convener Kits 

Convener Kits

Educational Convener Programs

2018-2019 PEIWI Convener Kits List [PDF format]

Educational Convener Programs are mini educational kits offering diverse, fun & informational themes. During WI branch meetings, the assigned Convener for the Branch picks up a kit at the WI office and includes the content as part of a regular Institute Branch meeting.

We are always looking for new ideas on the various themes, so if you have a kit or theme you would like to see offered please contact your District or PEIWI Board Convener through the WI office.

In addition to kits, PEIWI offers a Speaker's Series listing - these names and topics are availalbe to contact should you wish to have a guest speaker at your branch.  Feel free to contact us to also add to this list.

Convener kits do get updated annually and unable to print the following, please pick up a copy at the WI office at 40 Enman Crescent for your meetings.

New kits are available and will be available soon online.

New kit for 2019: Reflections of the Mary Stewart Collect by WI member Kay Wall. 

Home, Family and Nutrition

1.    Energy Drinks: A Fad a Real Danger
2.    Children Need Nature
3.    Women's Heart Health
4.    Ovarian Cancer: Listen to the Whispers (video - available in WI office)
5.    Diabetes
6.    Osteoporosis
7.    Menopause (DVD - available in WI office)
8.    Screening for the Big three Cancers
9.    Heart Disease & Stroke
10.  Living Well Despite Stress
11.  Kidney Disease
12.  Simple Home Remedies for Common Illness
13.  How to Read Food Labels
14.  Period of Purple Crying (DVD)
15.  Healthy Freezer Meals
16.  Active Like a Girl (Beginner Walk Run Exercise Guide)
17.  Overnight Frenchbread
18.  Caring Kitchens Starter Package
19.  *Preserving Fruit



1.    Ground Hemlock
2.    Fishing Industry
3.    PEI Agriculture
4.    From the Good Earth: World Famous PEI Potatoes
5.    Getting to Know PEI Flavors
6.    Blueberry Industry on PEI
7.    Forestry on Prince Edward Island
8.    Gardening - Container
9.    Gardening - Organic
10.  Gardening - Lasagna, Organic
11.  Gardening - Alternatives to Pesticides
12.  PEI Birds; Parts 1-3
13.  Apple Picking, Storing, & Recipes
14.  Kale, The Vegetable Powerhouse
15.  PEI Potatoes
16.  Re-growing Vegetables


Citizenship and Legislation

1.    Canadian Citizenship
2.    Provincial and Canadian Flags
3.    Canada: Canadian and Provincial Flags #2
4.    O Canada: Our National Anthem
5.    Notable People of PEI
6.    Elder Abuse
7.    PEI Women in Politics
8.    PEI Women in Government
9.    Hon Daniel MacDonald (DVD - Available in Office)
10.  Period of Purple Crying
11.  Women in Confederation (DVD - Available in Office)

Cultural Activities

1.    Quilting
2.    1860’s Rural Life in PEI
3.    Genealogy
4.    Rug Hooking
5.    Provincial Museums and Heritage Sites on PEI
6.    Spanning the Generation (DVD - Available in Office)
7.    Recycled Crafts
8.    Social Media
9.    Don't Be a Distracted Driver
10.  Do you know your Library
11.  Father's of Confederation Memorial Building



1.    Vinegar and its Many Uses
2.    Practical and Crafty Uses for Coffee Filters
3.    Water: Have we Lots for the Future?
4.    Conserving Energy in our Homes
5.    Our Safe Water Supply; Protecting our Island Waterways
6.    Many Uses for Orange Peel
7.    Bottle Water Vs. Tap Water
8.    Composting 101
9.    Homemade Cleaning Recipes
10.  FWIC Water Awareness Kit
11.  Eco Friendly Cleaning Guide


International Affairs

1.    Associated Country Women of the World
2.    International Peace Gardens (Video - Available in Office)
3.    Adelaide Hoodless (DVD - Available in Office)
4.    ACWW – Women World Wide – The Voice of Today
5.    Chennai, India
6.    India
7.    Around the World on PEI
8.    Canada Area's ACWW Project 2010-2013 (95 Page document available in Office)
9.    *London, England (Home of ACWW's 2016 Conference)
10.  Home Fire Series 1 & 2- DVDs - WI in England, Popular TV Series


Health and Safety

1.    Noise Hazard: Control and Hearing Conversation
2.    Sun Smarts
3.    Protect Your Family From Carbon Monoxide
4.    Fire Prevention Tips
5.    Telephone Fraud: Don’t Be Afraid to Hang up the Phone
6.    Food Safety Tips
7.    What can you do to Prevent Crime in your Community?
8.    Fall Proof Your Home
9.    Illegal Drug Awareness
10.   What to do in a Lightening Storm
11.   The journey to Better Hearing for Seniors (DVD - Available in Office)
12.   Staying at Home Safely
13.   Distracted Driving

Last Updated : 2019-12-20

Awards & Scholarships

PEIWI and FWIC have established a number of Awards, Scholarships and Contests to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions by members and non-members.

We invite all Islanders to review the descriptions of each award by clicking on the name of the Award or Scholarship below. Submissions accepted at the PEIWI Office.

Scholarship & Competition Deadlines at a Glance
January 15

  • Tweedsmuir Competitions

  • Senator Cairine Wilson Competition

March 1

  • Erland Lee Award of Appreciation

March 31

  • Adelaide Hoodless Award of Honour (Non Board Member 2019, Board member 2020, Non Board Member 2021)

  • Woman in Agriculture Recognition Award (2021, 2023)

  • Golden Book of Recognition (2021, 2022, 2023)

  • Founder's Day Contest (March 31)

April 1

  • Friend to WI

May 31 

  • Marie Kenny Community Builders Scholarship

  • WI Education Scholarship

June 30

  • Premier's Craft Education Award (up to $3,000!)

September 30

  • The Helen Herring Scholarship

Senate Medals

12 Senate medals were awarded in 2018 to past Presidents, representative of all past Presidents and membership.  During Founder's Day Celebrations in Februay, The Honourable Elizabeth Hubley awarded medals to twelve recipients of the PEI Women's Institute commemorating the 150th seating of the Senate. These recipients represented the entire WI membership across Prince Edward Island for their "enthusiasm, commitment and sheer hard work for making a real difference in the day-to-day lives of Islanders across the Province".  View here for a full list of recipients and details on this latest accolade.


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