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Meet the PEIWI Provincial Board

Inspiring Women

2021-2023 Board of Directors


President: Miriam Lank

Vice-President: Sheila Gallant

Secretary: Marguerite Atchison

Treasurer: Helen Nicholson

FWIC Executive Officer: Doreen Wall


Agriculture: Ann MacDonald

Citizenship and Legislation: Marguerite Atchison

Cultural Activities: Alice Chandler

Environment: Carolyn MacFadyen

Health and Safety: Bridgett MacCormac

Home, Family and Nutrition: Louise Weeks

International Affairs: Lillian MacCannell


Exhibition Chair: Pat MacKinnon

Exhibition Chair-in-Training: Kari Ferguson


PEIWI Office

Executive Director: Ellen MacPhail
Administrative Assistant: Carolyn Prime


Office Location
Royalty Centre

40 Enman Crescent - Room 105
Charlottetown, PE  C1E 1E6


Thank you to our past leaders:

Provincial Presidents

1913-1921    No President, No Executive

1922-1924    Mrs. T.G. Ives

1924-1925    Mrs. George MacDonald, Cornwall

1925-1927    Mrs. Lester Brehaut, Murray River

1927-1929    Mrs. Lulu Yeo, Northam (Mrs. Reg Birch)

1929-1931    Mrs. William Mutch, Rocky Point

1931-1933    Mr. S.J. Rose, East Baltic

1933-1935    Mrs. Harrison MacFarlane, Fernwood

1935-1937    Mrs.  Allison MacMillan, Fairview

1937-1939    Mrs. Lester Mellish, Montague

1939-1941    Mrs. Walter Leard, Montague

1941-1943    Mrs. Edith Gates, West Royalty

1943-1945    Mrs. George Martin, New Perth

1945-1947    Dr. Helen D. Herring, Charlottetown

1947-1949    Mrs. Allan Stewart, Bonshaw

1949-1951    Mrs. Malcolm MacLeod, Lorne Valley

1951-1953    Mrs. Harold Laird, Kensington

1953-1955    Mrs. Loretta Doyle, North Rustico

1955-1957    Mrs. Murdock McGowan, Kilmuir

1957-1959    Mrs. Lloyd Wilkie, Alberton      

1959-1961    Mrs. Philip Matheson, Oyster Bed Bridge

1961-1963    Mrs. Lincoln Dewar, New Perth

1963-1965    Mrs. Hilda Ramsay, Indian River

1965-1967    Mrs. Roma Campbell, Spring Brook

1967-1969    Mrs. Inez Dixon, East Baltic

1969-1971    Mrs. Louise Marchbank, Traveller’s Rest

1971-1973    Dr. Leone Ross, Parkdale

1973-1975    Mrs. Beatrice Reeves, Cross Roads

1975-1977    Mrs.  Mary MacLean, Central Lot 16

1977-1979    Mrs. Louise MacMillan, Alberry Plains

1979-1981    Mrs. Hazel Graham, Murray River

1981-1983    Mrs. Doreen MacInnis, Covehead Road

1983-1985    Mrs. Mary Palmer, Margate

1985-1987    Mrs. Joyce MacKenzie, Harrington

1987-1989    Mrs. Geneva King, Elmsdale

1989-1991    Mrs. Kaye Crabbe, Springvale

1991-1993    Mrs. Betty Watts, Clyde River

1993-1995    Mrs. Helen Nicholson, New Dominion

1995-1997    Mrs. Joan Dawson, Augustine Cove

1997-1999    Mrs. Betty Millar, Summerside

1999-2001    Mrs. Betty Millar, Summerside

2001-2003    Mrs. Reta MacDonald, Winsloe

2003-2005    Mrs. Iva Mutch, Earnscliffe

2005-2007    Mrs. Margie Stewart, East Point

2007-2009    Mrs. Marie Kenny, Brackley

2009-2011    Mrs. Carol MacLellan, Pleasant Valley

2011-2013    Mrs. Doreen Cole, Spring Brook

2013-2015    Mrs. Cynthia Mitchell, Village Green

2015-2017    Mrs. Jacquie Laird, New Glasgow
2017-2019    Mrs. Doreen Wall, Harrington

2019-2021    Mrs. Carol Jenkins, Brackley

2021-2023    Mrs. Miriam Lank, Meadow Bank

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