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28 Day Campaign - February 1-28 Taking Care of Business. Period.

Upon reading about a homeless young woman who felt she lost her last bit of dignity because she couldn’t afford pads or tampons during her menstrual period, Tracey Comeau was immediately inspired to ensure that PEI women and teens do not face this issue. Food banks want and need feminine hygiene products, but since it's still a taboo topic, those who are able to help are not aware of the need. This is the reason for the annual 28 Day Campaign for Taking Care of Women's Business.

There is no getting around the need for feminine products; it is not something you can choose to wait to buy at another time when you can afford it.

In 2017, PEI Women's Institute, whose core principle is to focus on women and children, accepted the campaign as their own.

The campaign is held each year from February 1-28.

Get on board and support this 28-day campaign with a donation of a box of tampons or pads to support our local food banks – it’s that simple! Engage and share it with your book clubs, dining groups, event organizers (a donation for entry into an event), fitness groups, colleagues, and share photos of the groups making their donations. Twitter: @28DayCampaignPEI Hashtag: #28daysPEI

Donation Drop-Off Locations: PEI Women's Institute Office - 40 Enman Crescent All Murphy's Pharmacy location across PEI Main Street Pharmasave, Souris

Charitable online cash donations: Upper Room Food Bank:

PEI Women's Institute 902-368-4860 or

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